Brand new Talents for workplaces around the world

Indonesia is one of the most densely populated countries. In order to create all kinds of employment opportunities as the working population continues to grow, we established PT. Talent Indonesia Jaya in September 2020. We will continue to work as a bridge between Indonesian workers who are constantly improving their skills in search of employment opportunities abroad and employers from countries suffering from shortage of human resources.

Our Mission

  • Increasing opportunities for Indonesian Talents

    We always provide an abundance of job vacancies for all industries, with credibility and in compliance with regulation of each country.

  • Contributing in developing the capacity of Indonesian human resources

    In order to provide the best Indonesian Talents that could make contributions in every country, we cooperate with educational institutions and vocational training facilities in Indonesia to develop their language ​​and technical skills.

  • Connecting companies in the world with excellent Indonesian Talents through our platform

    We support all hiring processes through our web platform to create cross-border employment opportunities.

Company Profile